Aran Fisherman Wool Sweater

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■ Made of 100% Worsted Wool, this Irish Sweater is lightweight, very warm and comfortable.
■ Our sweater features Traditional Aran Cable, Diamond, and Honeycomb Stitches that represent heritage and good fortune.
■ This Aran Sweater features a stylish crewneck design, offering versatility as it pairs well with other apparel.
■ Our Woolen Sweater makes for the perfect Irish gift due to its traditional stitching patterns that are sure to win over any lover of Irish culture.


Imbue your style with the spirit of Ireland through our Aran Fisherman Wool Sweater. Crafted from 100% Worsted Wool, this Irish Sweater is lightweight, warm, and remarkably comfortable.

Boasting traditional Aran designs, this sweater displays Cable, Honeycomb, and Diamond stitching. Cable knits are said to represent fisherman’s ropes, being knit by local women for their husbands as a wish for safety and good luck. The diamond stitch represents the little farms that were scattered all over the Aran Islands. It is also a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and success. As for the Honeycomb, this knitting pattern was intended to be a wish for good luck and a great catch for the Aran fishermen, as their labor was the main source of income for the islanders. This sweater also features a stylish Crew neckline that is incredibly versatile and warm.

This sweater can be used to pull off both a casual and elegant look with ease as it pairs well with other attire to create a myriad of styles. Impress the lover of Irish culture in your life with our Aran Fisherman Wool Sweater.