Aran Cowl Neck Merino Cable Knit Sweater

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■ Our sweaters are made from 100% Super Soft Merino Wool, giving you that luxurious feel associated with merino wool.
■ Perfect for all year round wear with its ability to retain heat in the winter and keep you cool in the summer.
■ The cable knit pattern on our sweaters takes its inspiration from the traditional cable patterns knit on the early Aran sweaters.
■ The cable knit cowl neck provides an added touch of style to the overall design of our thick knit sweater.
■ Our Super Soft Cowl Neck Aran sweater is all natural and comes with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity.

Our Super Soft Cowl Neck Aran sweater is just the thing you need to keep you stylish all year round. The Aran sweater is a staple item of Ireland, with the history of the Aran sweater beginning off the west coast of Ireland on the Aran Islands. The Aran sweater was originally made with the purpose of keeping the fisherman of the community warm and dry. The fishermen’s wives would knit them sweaters that they would make for them from wool that hadn’t been treated to remove the lanolin from the fibers.

Lanolin, or wool wax, is produced by wool-bearing animals, like sheep to protect their skin and keep them and their wool dry from water. In an effort to aid the fishermen in keeping warm and dry while at sea the wives of fishermen would use lanolin enriched wool as a way to add extra protection for their husbands, helping the men retain heat and block out moisture from sea life. Today lanolin is an ingredient found in a range of beauty products people use, most commonly as a way to seal in moisture when using creams and lotions.

Our Aran sweaters, on the other hand, use merino wool as a way to keep you warm and dry. Unlike some other wool, merino has the ability to be worn directly on the skin without scratching and causing irritation. It’s fine fibers give it the ability to bend to your skin providing the comfort familiar with merino wool. Merino Wool is an active fiber that has a multitude of purposes in addition to feeling soft and looking good. Merino wool has the ability to act as a thermoregulator for the body. It can absorb and release heat based on the weather conditions making this sweater great for all year round use. And if you are a sweater in the summer kind of person merino also acts as a natural UV protector.

So while lanolin may not be used in our sweaters like the old days they do still retain some traditions of the classic Aran sweater. Namely the use of patterns in the design of the knit. Our Aran sweaters use the classic cable knit pattern most commonly associated with Aran sweaters. The cable pattern is said to be a direct recreation of the ropes fishermen would use in their daily lives aboard their ships. Some say that the pattern is knit in to wish them luck and safety while working such a dangerous job. Today it’s a staple design that adds a stylish flair to our sweaters.

Another addition to our Aran sweaters is its cowl neck. The design of the cowl neck began in the 1930s and picked up popularity in the 1970s. This neckline is easily recognized by its distinguishable drape design. Similar to a traditional turtle neck, but with a much looser fit that sits gathered around the neckline. This collar is typically found on soft fabrics like knits. Our Aran cowl neck sweater hower does not have an extremely loose fit, adding an extra cozy feel to the design. Our sweaters come with a thick cable knit that stands out, with rows of distinct cable patterns. Made from 100% Super Soft Merino Wool, they scream luxury and feel just as good as they look. If you’re looking for your new favorite cable knit sweater there’s no need to look much further. Our sweaters are guaranteed to give you a modern day piece of Ireland.