Aran Merino Wool Cowl Neck Sweater

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■ Irish Sweater made of 100% supersoft Merino Wool, a natural and sustainable material for all-year-round wear
■ Authentic design featuring traditional Aran cable and moss stitches telling the story of the fishermen’s adventures
■ Tailored with an oversized turtle neck for added warmth and versatile style options
■ Manufactured in Ireland by Aran Wollen Mills, this sweater is an Irish-inspired gift for a loved one


Show your adoration and appreciation for the Emerald Isle while wearing our beautiful Wool Chunky Cable Sweater, created to highlight traditional Irish knitting skills and the warmth of community spirit. This sweater is made of 100% supersoft Merino Wool, a natural and sustainable material.

Merino Wool has exceptional moisture resistance, heat insulation, and durability, making it a great choice for various weather conditions. It will keep you warm when temperatures start to drop and dry during hot summer days. The sweater features a stylish design inspired by traditional Irish fishermen's sweaters. The iconic Aran cable and moss stitches add visual appeal and provide additional warmth and texture to this piece of clothing. The cable stitches, resembling interwoven ropes and cables, pay homage to the maritime history of Irish fishermen. The texture created by cable stitches symbolizes the strength, unity, and resilience as the fishermen braved the rough seas. The moss stitch represents the hopes and wishes for a successful and abundant harvest.

The sweater is tailored with an oversized turtleneck that allows layering over different types of clothing and provides extra warmth and comfort, especially when worn in colder weather. You can pair the sweater with a skirt and boots, with your favorite jeans and sneakers, or over an elegant dress. Our lovely sweater is proudly made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, adding to its authenticity and quality, making it an appealing addition to those who appreciate Irish craftsmanship and tradition.

This sweater combines both style and functionality and will bring a touch of Ireland’s rich history and cultural heritage into the life of a loved mother, sister, or wife as a meaningful gift option.