Limited Edition Ireland Ladies Hoody

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■ The Limited Edition Ireland Ladies Hoody features a drawstring hoody which makes it easier to adjust for a snug fit.
■ Our ladies hoody is in an attractive colorway of navy, with green and white accents. Each of them blends well to have a classy finish.
■ This apparel from Keily’s has a large kangaroo pocket for a purpose. Its wearers can just tuck their hands inside it comfortably for extra warmth.
■ Our product is made from premium materials to ensure that they pass the buyers’ discriminating tastes and requirements.
■ The Limited Edition Ireland Ladies Hoody is available in different sizes, which range from XS to XXXL.

The Limited Edition Ireland Ladies Hoody is an ideal pick for those who want to express their patriotism through fashion. This product from Keily’s is not only fashionable and functional at the same time. This navy blue shirt also features a design that can be associated with the country’s rich history. The words “Limited Edition Ireland” are embroidered on the front in white thread.

Particularly, they are on the upper portion of the shirt, making such texts highly visible. The word “Ireland” is also written in bold letters to emphasize that it is a proud product of the country. Below is a logo that says “MCMXXII Cultural Center” along with the words “Est. 1922” on each side. Meanwhile, the inner portion of the hood has the country’s name embroidered on it in white, too. It has a yellow string attached to the hood as well as a kangaroo pocket on the bottom.

This lady's hoody is made of premium cotton and polyester. The cotton brings maximum comfort to the wearers, while the polyester keeps the hoodie’s shape. In addition, this product has a fleece lining to give more warmth during the cold season. In the meantime, its waistband and cuffs are ribbed so that they will fit perfectly on you.

Have you wondered about the significance of 1922 on the product’s design? This year plays a very important role in Ireland’s history. It was the time when the country finally gained its independence from Britain. The Cultural Center, on the other hand, speaks of preserving the richness of Ireland’s culture. This includes literature and the arts, festivals, and traditions, and even religion.

With these attributes, the manufacturer makes sure that these are captured aesthetically in a fashion staple. For the trendy ladies, the Limited Edition Ireland Ladies Hoody serves its purpose of keeping you warm without sacrificing fashion. Of course, it also showcases your patriotism at its best.