Ireland Happy Sheep T Shirt

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■ Ireland Happy Sheep T Shirt.
■ It’s available in various sizes to fit for children 1-12 years old – no worries about not getting the right fit.
■ The versatile shirt design is perfect for a holiday family stroll on the mall, or for weekly school wash days!
■ Perfect for gifts to your children, grandkids, or nephews, and also perfect for souvenirs capturing the wonderfully fun Irish experience!
■ Our comfortable tee is made of cotton so you can feel more at ease and warm when you wear it – perfect for any weather.

This green round neck t-shirt will surely bring different kinds of happy emotions to your boys! It shows 6 different fun and happy emotions of the sheep. Each of the sheep is named according to the emotions they show. The first one is Smiley, whose name is also translated to Irish as “hoon.” Then we have Happy, Lively, Cheeky, Funny, and Giggles. All their names were also translated to Irish.

The shirt conveys all these positive emotions by merely looking at it. How much more if you’re proudly wearing it? It’s 100% cotton so you can expect a more comfortable feel when worn. The soft fabric is best for all skin types. It’s also available in various sizes to fit for boys from 1 to 12 years old. The simple and fun design is perfect for a weekend stroll on the mall, or for Wednesday wash day in school. Wear it with a denim jacket or a tailored coat and you can take this baby to any party or formal event. This also goes well with sneakers, flip flops, or suede shoes. With that, it’s also perfect to pair with denim pants, shorts, corduroys, chinos, or any kinds of textured trousers.

This is a gift that parents, aunts, grandparents, or godparents can give to their sons, nephews, grandsons, or godsons.

This can also be worn by girls who want to show more character in their choice of clothes. It can be a statement shirt one can wear to any kinds of parties --- from kiddy parties to club gatherings. With the right accessory, it can be worn to any kinds of occasions, formal or casual.

For those who have visitors from abroad, this shirt can also be a simple and fun souvenir that the kids can take home to remember their Irish getaway!