Pink Princess Girl Kids T-Shirt

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■ Our adorable Pink Princess Girl Kids T-Shirt is made from 100% cotton for added comfort that makes this pink shirt wearable on any kind of day and any weather.
■ Fun, playful, and exciting color contrast on the hem and sleeves makes the shirt and the wearer an eye candy.
■ The design speaks much about Ireland – Irish games, icons, and cities are written in cute little fonts written on the princess’ dress.
■ Comes with a crew neckline for more comfort and a better fit on the neck – not tight and not loose, either.
■ Perfect gifts for little girls or souvenir for daughters of friends abroad – it’ll always remind them of you and Ireland.

Your little girl will surely be delighted with this bright Pink Princess Girl Kids T-Shirt. The lovely and cute shade has been elevated with hot pink color contrast on its sleeves and hem, making the shirt more fun and playful.

This shirt is the perfect gift to make any child never want to forget her Ireland trip. The shirt is designed with a princess wearing her tiara and a mini princess gown with Ireland prints on it. On the dress are names of Irish icons, games, and cities. Who can ever forget Ireland with this memorabilia, right?

This could also be the perfect souvenir for foreign friends coming over to Ireland for a tour or for a short visit. The shirt will be a stand out with its nice design, exciting color contrast, and versatility.

The shirt is 100% cotton so it’s very comfortable to wear on any day. Mommies won’t have to worry about their little girls feeling uncomfortable with the fabric. Since it’s cotton, it’s also soft against the skin and is child-friendly. It’s also true to its sizes so it will really fit perfectly.

The shirt also has a crew neckline for more comfort and a better fit around the neck. It’s neither too fit nor too loose. Simply put, it’ll fit just perfectly. It’s chic and clean design makes it wearable when the family decides to go malling on a weekend, or during school wash day. It can be paired with denim pants or a denim skirt on laid back days. It’s also perfect to wear with a pair of tutu skirt and ballerina flats for birthdays, parties, and other occasions. The shirt’s design is so versatile that it can go with any kind of pants, skirts, or shoes depending on the occasion.