Hanna Hats Irish Linen Patchwork Cap

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■ Traditional Irish cap design with a stud fastener for versatile styling 

■ Unique patchwork design for one-of-a-kind and distinctive look 

■ Handcrafted from durable linen with smooth taffeta lining for comfort 

■ Irish flat cap ideal for celebrating Irish heritage, perfect for daily wear

Get a taste of true Irish craftsmanship with our one-of-a-kind Hanna Hats Irish Linen Patchwork Cap. It’s all about that unique, artisanal creativity that gives each cap its own distinctive charm. Plus, it is added a handy stud fastener inspired by classic Irish caps, so you can rock it however you like, full-bodied or with a sporty tilt. 


It’s crafted from tough linen that’s breathable and built to last, and lined with smooth taffeta for all-day comfort. This Irish cap isn’t just about style – it’s a nod to Irish heritage, perfect for wearing every day or gifting to someone who seeks that Irish charm.


Whether you’re strolling through town or hitting up a pub, this patchwork cap brings a touch of tradition with every wear.