Hanna Hats Linen Vintage Irish Patchwork Cap

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■ Handcrafted  by Hanna Hats in Donegal Town, Ireland
■ Made of 100% linen, a lightweight, breathable fabric that can be worn all year round, even in warm weather
■ Taffeta lining
■ Peak stud fastener, which fastens the peak of the cap to the brim, allowing the cap to be worn full-bodied or sloped down
■ Suitable for Men and Women
■ Dry Clean Only
■ Each patchwork cap is unique and no two can be the same


Bring old-world style and demure dashes of color to your business wardrobe with this Hanna Hats Linen Vintage Patch Toning Cap. While many traditional Irish flat caps come in familiar tweed wool and patchwork designs, this cap takes a unique turn, being handmade from 100% linen. Linen is a fabric that known for its strength, breathability, and lightweight feel, making it perfect to wear all day and night, all year round. Adding bold color and depth to this hat is a patchwork design consisting of tweed, striped, and herringbone patterns in shades of blue, black, tan, gray, and more. This dynamic motif gives life to the hat’s striking full-bodied design that includes a snap-button, or peak stud fastener at the front that fastens the peak to the brim for a low, modest effect, or the button can be unfastened for a bolder, full bodied look. Lined with 100% taffeta, this hat will enhance any look for men and women with timeless old-school charm!