Patrick Francis Brown Tweed Flat Cap

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■ Our tweed flat cap is made from yarns comprised of 60% Acrylic and 40% wool.
■ An embroidered Celtic knot patch on the front of our tweed flat clap is a wonderful touch of Irish charm.
■ Brown and tan strands of yarn are woven together to create the classic tweed fabric usually used for flat caps.
■ A button between the lip and bill of our brown tweed flat cap allows you to button and unbutton our hat.
■ The entirety of our flat cap is wrapped in brown tweed fabric that adds an element of class to our hat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, anyone will look good in our Patrick Francis brown tweed flat cap. It’s the classic hat that you know and love with its popular style and distinguished look. Flat caps have always been known for their distinctive shape and sloping curves. Its uniques appearance has made it a favorite among many an Irish man and lady. And it’s no wonder, there’s a reason that the flat cap has managed to make its way through the ages and Patrick Francis’ take on the Irish flat cap manages to capture all of the elements that we love in a flat cap.

Our Patrick Francis brown tweed flat cap is a three-piece hat that embodies all of the classic flat cap elements. One large curving strip of tweed fabric takes up the majority of our flat cap and creates the top of our cap. A band of tweed fabric attached to the top of our tweed flat cap and creates the sides and back of our cap. Another piece of brown tweed fabric encases a stiff curved bill completing the shape of our tweed cap.

Rich chocolate colored yarn and tan colored yarn are woven together in a checkerboard pattern that contrasts beautifully and creates that classic tweed style of fabric. Tweed has always been a fabric that is versatile and easily identifiable, and tweed has always gone hand in hand with flat caps and the pattern of our tweed flat cap is pleasing to the eye with it’s thin, neat rows of alternating colors. Unlike some modern flat caps that stitch down the top lip of their flat caps to their bills, our flats caps use a button on the top of the lightly curved brim to connect the top lip of our hat to the bill.

And just in case you were wondering just how Irish our brown tweed flat cap truly is, centered at the front of our brown tweed flat cap is a patch with a Celtic knot featured proudly. The twisting golden brown thread pops against the rich brown thread it is embroidered on. Celtic knots are one of the most used and known Irish art styles. With their beautifully curving lines and intricate weaving patterns, Celtic knots are unique pieces of art. The Celtic patch pairs nicely with the brown tweed of our flat cap and creates a vintage look. You won’t regret adding our brown tweed flat cap to your collection.

With the conversion from the everyday workman's hat to the choice of wear by the leisurely gentlemen, the flat cap has carved itself a place as a staple in the fashion industry. The overall style of our brown tweed flat cap is classy but can easily be worn casually as well. Whether you're pairing our flat cap with a suit or a pair of jeans and a sweater you’ll love the outcome of your outfit. Just like its predecessors our brown tweed flat cap will stand the test of time and will become your favorite go-to hat for years to come.