Patrick Francis Irish Patchwork Tweed Flat Cap

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■ Light brown tweed, dark brown tweed and herringbone patches are stitched together to shape the top of our cap.
■ Black and white herringbone fabric stands out and shapes the sides and back of our patchwork flat cap.
■ Light brown tweed fabric wraps around the bill of our flat cap contrasting with the herringbone fabric.
■ A touch of Ireland can be found in the form of two Celtic knots that are embroidered in white thread.
■ Our flat cap is made from 100% wool and is suited for any type of weather.

When it comes to our tweed patchwork flat cap patches have never looked so good. If you are someone with a more quirky and individualistic sense of style and you are not afraid to mix it up a bit, our tweed patchwork flat cap is perfect for you. The mix of classic fabrics found in our patchwork flat cap joins together to create a unique hat that stands out for its original style. While at first glance our Irish flat cap may seem to be a random assortment of patterns the design of our flat cap is carefully crafted.

Three very distinct fabrics can be identified on our flat cap creating a patchwork design worthy of wear. The bold black and white herringbone patterned fabric pieces are the ones that stand out the most and create a stark contrast to the light and dark brown tweed fabric patches. The pattern of the herringbone fabric is made from large woven rows of fabric in comparison to the classic tweed patches of our flat cap. Small neat rows of thinner yarn are woven together to create an almost singular shade of color on our tweed patches.

Our patchwork tweed hat follows the classic flat cap pattern and shape and is constructed from three pieces. The top pieces of our flat cap are where the patchwork comes in and steals the show. Squares of light brown tweed, dark brown tweed, and herringbone alternates and combine to shape the top of our cap. The band of fabric that connects to the top of our flat cap and encloses the sides and back of our flat cap is the same black and white herringbone fabric found on the top of our flat cap.

Of course, it would not be a flat cap without the standard curved bill most associated with the flat cap. Wrapped around the curved bill of our flat cap is the same light brown tweed fabric found on the top section of our cap. The clean lines and sleek curves of our patchwork flat cap create a stunning hat that will be an instant conversation starter. On its own, the charming patchwork pattern is enough of a statement but the two Celtic knots featured in the center of our flat cap are a bonus.

Placed front and center and embroidered with white thread are two matching Celtic knots that sit side by side. Celtic knots are one of the symbols most associated with Ireland and every time a Celtic knot is seen it is well known which country it hails from. The people of Ireland have used the Celtic knot in a variety of ways and the use of Celtic knots in fashion has increased in popularity throughout the years. They are a great way to add style to any garment while representing the country of Ireland at the same time.

Our patchwork flat cap is also made from 100% wool making it the perfect cap for any weather condition. Wool is one of those special fibers that can perform a range of tasks you never thought you needed. During the summer months, the bill of our flat cap will shade your eyes from the harsh sun while the highly breathable wool material will release any trapped heat on your head and keep you cool. During the cooler months, wool is great at heat retention keeping you comfortably warm.

Overall with our patchwork flat cap you are getting a cap that will serve you in a multitude of ways. You can wear our hat casually or dress it up for a night out on the town and be sure that our flat cap will look good no matter how you choose to wear it. If you’re going to bother wearing a hat it should be a hat that is just as special as you are.