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■ Our Ava pumps are made of soft leather uppers that mold to the feet without overstretching allowing flexibility.
■ Our pumps are laced up the foot and come with eyelets and elastic side loops to for a close natural fit.
■ A split black suede sole provides proper grip for the foot on the dance floor allowing dances to spin and step.
■ A pre-lasted arch shape allows dancers to effortlessly flex their feet creating that perfect arch and point looked for in competition.
■ The Antonio Pacelli company, which handcrafts our Ava Pumps, has more than 25 years of experience in the Irish dance shoe business, ensuring a timeless style and high durability.

The art of dance is deeply rooted in the whole of Irish culture. Irish dance first began centuries ago with the Celts and the druids using dance for entertainment and religious purposes. It was the druids in particular who used dance in many of their religious practices. They were known for dancing in a circular formation, and would often use trees as a centering point for their dancing as they communed with nature. While the Celts, on the other hand, participated in folk dancing, usually for celebrations. The Anoch, or a huge festival, was one of those celebrations that were held once a year and dance was always the main part of it for the people attending. They are actually still held today with the addition of people competing for medals.

The first recorded Irish dance was The Carol, a dance that hailed from Normandy. When the Normans invaded Ireland in the 12th century they introduced The Carol to the Irish people. During this dance, people would dance in a circle around a singer stationed at the center. Throughout the years, dance in the Irish community has evolved taking on different forms. In today’s world step competitions are the bread and butter of the Irish dance community.

The Gaelic League, formed in the 1980s, created a platform for competitions to be held on a national level. Irish dances that focus on intricate footwork and minimal upper body movement are being performed regularly. One of the key elements of these complex routines is dance shoes. Special shoes are required for Irish dancers, some shoes are used to a tapping sound when they step while others are used for certain group dances. Female dances have two types of dance shoes, hard shoes, and soft shoes. Our Ava Irish pumps are in the style of soft shoes and are not made for tapping purposes.

Our Ava pumps are very similar to ballet slippers with some key differences. While ballet slippers use elastic to keep the shoe on the foot pumps are laced. This lacing ensures a secure grip on the foot. These pumps hug the foot perfectly thanks to their pre-lasted arch shape. Soft leather uppers form quickly to the foot giving just enough stretch. You’ll be able to beautifully extend your foot into the perfect point. This pump is great for intermediate and Open dancers.

If you’ve ever had problems with your pumps slipping down the back of your foot you won’t have to worry about that with the Ava pump. These pumps have a higher back, which prevents your heel from accidentally catching on the back of your shoe and dragging it down. This ensures no issues while you’re performing your big number. These pumps also support you during long periods of dance thanks to their high impact Poron insoles. These insoles help to reduce fatigue by absorbing the shock of stepping and protecting your joints.

Our pumps also have split black suede soles that provide just the right amount of grip on the dance floor. You can trust that these pumps will see you through the competition. With an ergonomic design, our pumps will do some of the work for you. These lightweight pumps will feel like you have nothing on your feet allowing you to move the way you want to.