Antonio Pacelli® Irish Dance Ultra Low Poodle Socks

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■ Ultra-Low Length: irish dancers who want a change from traditional Irish socks will love the ultra-low design of these socks! The low length is not only a fresh look but also shows off more of your toned dancer’s legs!
■ Nylon/Cotton Blend: these socks are made of a 20% nylon and 80% thick-knit cotton blend. This premium blend delivers top-quality softness and wicks moisture away from the skin for breathability.
■ Textured Leg: though the legs on these socks are ultra-low, they show off a textured pattern that creates vivid dimension that will not go unnoticed!
■ White Color: this sock comes in white, a clean, versatile color that is simple yet classic. It can also be paired with Irish dance shoes and outfits of any color!
■ Four Sizes: these Ultra Low socks come in four different sizes: Petite, Small, Medium, and Large. With four size options, these socks can fit a huge range of foot sizes for both men and women!
Petite - Size 8-10.5, Small - Size 11-1.5, Medium - Size 2-4.5, Large - Size 5+. Irish Shoe sizes.


For Irish dancers who like to show off more of their legs when they are performing on stage, these Ultra Low Socks are the perfect fit! As the shortest Irish dance socks, these socks are a fresh take on the traditional Irish sock and will make any dancer a chic standout at every performance! Providing lasting comfort and quality, these socks are made of a fabric blend consisting of 20% nylon and 80% cotton. The nylon component offers smooth softness, while the thick-knitted cotton not only delivers additional softness but also durability and moisture-wicking breathability that will keep your feet feeling comfortably dry, which is great for especially long dance days and rehearsals. These socks come in a vibrant white color that will not only highlight a dazzling pair of Irish dance shoes but will also complement dance ensembles of all styles and colors. In addition, the leg of each sock features a textured pattern that creates lovely dimension and catches the eye. Available in four sizes, Petite, Small, Medium, and Large, these socks can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes for men and women alike. Make sure your feet feel as comfortable and fabulous as you do at your next Irish dance performance by finishing off your look with these Ultra Low Socks!