Fays® Celtic Choice Irish Dance Shoes Pumps

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■ Technologically advanced with incomparable quality, our Fays Celtic Choice Pumps are crafted with focus, diligence, and expertise.
■ Our Fays Celtic Choice Pumps are made from the highest quality leather that delivers exceptional comfort and durability.
■ Special arch stitching of our Fays Celtic Choice Pumps makes all your arches the best in the world.
■ Fully cushioned poron insole of our Fays Celtic Choice Pumps gives complete shock absorbing even during heavy impact.
■ Singular and crisp shoe shaping of our Fays Celtic Choice Pumps adds finesse to all your movements.


A splendid union of the latest technology and ultra flexible split-sole design, the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps are mammoths when it comes to quality. Made with 100% leather sole and uppers, and accompanied by unique technological advancements, the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps bring rare quality to the table.


The pumps are long-lasting and are the go-to shoes for heavy impact dancing. The leather fits well and makes all your eccentric moves even more enchanting. The added bonus of exceptional durability makes the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps a literal no-brainer. The special arch stitching emphasizes every dancer’s natural arc.


When many dancers put them on, they report feeling a lot of difference in their arches because of the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps. The pumps also come with a fully cushioned poron insole – a high-grade material used in sports equipment and other sports shoes – that possesses the best shock-absorbing quality, all the while allowing complete flexibility. The poron is heavily cushioned between the inner and outer sole, and provides maximum shock-absorbing capacity, making the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps ideal for dancers who want to push their limits.


The 100% leather adds an icing on the cake and makes the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps even more peculiar. The highest quality leather combines with the best shock-absorbing attributes and creates a magical shoe never seen before. For immense comfort, the Fays Celtic Choice Pumps have seamless padding around the toe area, which reduces any friction and irritation and provides a stimulating Irish dance experience. This seamless padding goes over the front of the toes and gives a complete surround support system to your feet. The toes benefit from the support and toe stands come effortlessly.


The premier padding also prevents any pinch whatsoever, allowing you to go over your toes whenever you want without any possibility of overexertion. This high-level of comfort and flexibility give all dancers an opportunity to achieve their underlying potential.


The Fays Celtic Choice Pumps come with a refined heel that hugs the shape of the heel – not providing any extra space in the heel area – which makes the pumps feel comfortable, safe and secure. The split sole gives ultra flexibility to the shoe design and makes all maneuvers crisp and refined. The comfortable Fays Celtic Choice Pumps have a perfect fitting that gives a narrow and neat look to your feet. The feet look smaller and all movements become poised and sophisticated. The Fays Celtic Choice Pumps are super lightweight. When you put them on, they feel cotton-like soft as if moving on a cloud.


Further, they have a zero breaking-in period and are flexible right out of the box. This flexibility and comfort make them ideal for dancers from all levels. Due to their advanced level finesse, we especially recommended them for championship's and show's level dancers.