Corr's Eco-Flexi Economy Hard Shoe

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■ Special insole that offers flexible maximum arch support, while also ensuring that the dancer has the full range of motion.
■ New technology on the leather allows the shoes to fit perfectly on the feet, which makes one think that they are fully customized.
■ The Corr’s Eco Power-Flexi™ Hard Shoe will fit the different types of feet, including dancers with higher top or bridge.
■ One can buy a pair and use it that night without worrying about getting blisters due to the specially fabricated latex padding.
■ Breathable lining on the inside allows the dancer’s feet to breathe. Any dancer would appreciate this feature after performing.

While some may think that Julian Wild and his team wouldn’t be able to surpass the Super-Flexi and the Super-Pro Flexi, the manufacturer released the Corr’s Eco Power-Flexi™ Hard Shoe to the delight of many of the company’s loyal customers.

The fit and sizing of the shoes are unlike any other. It has superior hold and support, which dancers would truly appreciate as they can perform intricate steps without worrying about sustaining an injury.

From the time Julian Wild introduced his new line in New England during the Spring of 2001, the Corr’s brand has developed a reputation for quality, performance, and value for money. All those are featured in the Power-Flexi Hard Shoe as it offers the perfect mix of balance and function.

The leather on the Hard Shoe used by early Irish dancers was made of very tough and stiff hide. Blisters and injuries are common because the sharp edges would bite into the ankles even if protected by thick socks. Fortunately, technology has gone a long way since then. The Power-Flexi, for instance, is made of very soft leather that will hug the dancer’s feet like a long lost relative.

The soft leather reduces the need to break in the shoes. As most dancers know, they need to break in the shoe—which means wearing them all day, when they walk, run, go out to eat, or dance. This would prevent injuries later on. They also use a leather softener for the shoes to help accelerate this process.

The shoes also provide ample support, even for the overpronated dancers who tend to roll their feet inward or the underpronated dancers whose feet roll on the opposite direction.

It doesn’t matter whether the dancer is a beginner or a professional, the Power-Flexi offers the best value for money around for dancers of all ages. Unlike the Champion, the Power-Flexi has a lower heel height and combined with the uniquely designed tips, it can accommodate most foot types without sacrificing on the comfort and performance.

The shoes also feature superior cushioning. It’s hardly noticeable even after inspecting the shoe closely. However, the dancer will feel the soft cushion when their feet strike the ground. The shoes would absorb the impact and protect the feet from injury and pain.

The cushioning will also protect the feet and joints from aches even after daily practices, dress rehearsals, and dance performances.

The phrase “combining the best of both worlds” has been thrown around a lot but there’s a no better term to describe the Corr’s Eco Power-Flexi™ Hard Shoe. It offers optimum flexibility because of the patented technology used in the product, as well as durability a user can expect from a hard shoe.

There’s a reason why the Corr’s Eco Power-Flexi™ Hard Shoe is a favorite among teachers and dancers. Another advantage is that the product is quite affordable at a shade under a hundred bucks and you already have Irish dancing shoes that will last you a long time.