Rutherford Super Flexi Whites Jig Shoes

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NEW – No More WHITE TAPE – now you do not have to spend countless hours taping your shoes. These NEW Jig Shoes by Rutherford Products, come with the White Top as well as the White Strap. Breathtaking from an adjudicators point of view. The White Strip helps to visually lower the sock line and with the use of a White Strap gives the top part of the shoe a more open appearance. No more bulky looking shoes as this new product will make your foot look smaller and more petite. A Rutherford White Strip is sewn inward to the upper so your clicks will not catch the strip of leather. This is a much safer version of the new Jig Shoe from others available on the market for both the dancer who needs a clean click to avoid tripping and the shoe itself for long lasting durability. Our White Strip is the only one of its kind on the market. Come complete with Soundblaster Heels and Soundblaster Tips. You’ll love it! Available in Black Suede Sole Only.