Rutherford Ultra-Lite Flexi with new 1Heel® Technology

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■ New 1 Heel® Technology gives you an ultra lightweight all-in-one heel that will allow you to click with speed and accuracy.
■ Sound Blaster tips give you the loudest and purest clicks on the market, you'll find no competition for these tips.
■ Soft leather uppers and a leather strap hug your feet and keep your shoes secure while you click through your routine.
■ The Rutherford shoe company was started by John Rutherford in the late 1970s, it started as a one-man team.
■ John Rutherford continues to release new jig shoe technology that improves and sets the standard for jig shoe technology.

Our Rutherford Ultra-Lite Flexi jig shoes with new 1 Heel technology are in innovative modern creation that takes all the qualities of a classic jig shoe and improves them. Once you start clicking in these Ultra-Lite flexible jig shoes you won’t want to stop. Created by the reputable Rutherford Irish shoe company our super flexi jig shoes are able to stand up to your clicking needs. If you've been holding onto your old jig shoes that are barely hanging on these are a great upgrade option. And if you’re a first-time hard shoe buyer these jig shoes will help you master your steps.

These jig shoes boast 1Heel technology, the latest in jig heel technology. These advanced heels are ultra lightweight and are an all-in-one heel. They are so lightweight you’ll almost forget you're wearing them. And with this technology, you’ll be able to achieve the high-speed clicks you need in Irish jig dancing. They also have precision clicking and accuracy so you’ll never miss a click. This is further helped by the wide heels, so unlike other jig shoes, each click will count. These heels are the first all-in-one heels ever created.

Our jig shoes also have the Rutherford Sound Blaster tips. These tips are made of a special micro sand mixture that creates the loudest, purest clicks on the market. No really, it’s been tested and proven. These tips are so great that they have been certified by the governing bodies of the Irish dance community. In these tips, you will find yourself having a nice level of traction while still being able to glide across the floor.

The uppers of our shoes are made of soft leather that will mold to your feet. You will have absolutely no trouble breaking these jig shoes on. They also have suede soles which is what makes our jig shoes ultra flexible. You will be able to easily toe walk in these shoes thanks to the combination of the suede soles and the soft leather uppers. Breaking our Rutherford jig shoes in will be no problem at all. And as an added bonus a soft leather strap ensures our shoes stay on your feet as you click.

You can be sure that our jig shoes can stand up to whatever you throw at them. After all, they are made by the Rutherford Irish dance shoe company as mentioned before. The Rutherford company has been in business since the late 1970s. John Rutherford founded the company and at the start, it was a one-man team. A native to Cootehille, Co. Caven, located in Northern Ireland, he was a father of five children who were all involved with competitive Irish dance. During his children’s competitions, he noticed that the sound quality of the heels and tips of dance shoes needed major improvement.

At the time hard shoes were made of plastic and a thin layer of fiberglass. So taking this knowledge he began to experiment. He started by making heels completely out of fiberglass, foregoing the classic plastic. For the tips he changed them to be made out of his special mixture of fiberglass. Suddenly his kids had the best sounding jig shoes on the market and people took notice in the feis scene. After a surplus of people came to get their heels and tips replaced he took the next logical step, sell his own jig shoes.

Throughout the years he’s kept the same drive to improve Irish jig shoes. He continues to launch new technology that changes the game in the Irish dance community. If you buy Rutherford jig shoes you can be sure that you have the latest and greatest in dance shoe technology.