Pair 13 oz. Etched Claddagh Clear Stem Goblets

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■ This goblet set of two is expertly crafted from glass, a high quality material that elevates your drinkware collection and lasts for years to come
■ These Irish goblets feature an etched Claddagh symbol on the glass, embodying the deep symbolism of love, loyalty, and friendship.
■ Each goblet in the set holds a generous capacity of 13 fluid ounces, providing ample space for various beverages.
■ The included gift box is custom made with a foam nest, ensuring that the goblets are beautifully presented and ready for gifting, whether for special occasions or to celebrate Irish heritage.


This beautiful set of two Etched Claddagh Clear Stem Goblets is made by the Robert Emmet Company in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary when you want to celebrate with a bit of Irish flair.

Each glass features a Claddagh ring, Ireland’s enduring symbol of love, etched on the side surrounded by shamrock sprigs. The Claddagh dates back to the 17th century in County Galway when it is said to have been invented by a jeweler for his long-lost love. The ring is comprised of three parts: the hands signifying friendship, the heart symbolizing love, and the crown representing loyalty.

The Robert Emmet Company was founded in New England in 1987 as one of the first Irish gift and design companies based in the United States. Now in its fourth decade, the company remains family-owned and operated and is committed to combining quality American craftsmanship with a passion for Irish history, culture, and heritage.

Set of two 13 oz. goblets. Etched glass. Packaged in secure gift box with custom foam nest and clear cover.