Cead Mile Failte Ireland Black Label Mug

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■ Irish Cead Mile Failte mug made with high-quality materials ensuring to withstand the test of time

■ Features ‘Ireland’ and ‘shamrock’ inscriptions, as well as the Gaelic expression ‘Cead Mile Failte’

■ This spacious mug offers plenty of space for all kinds of beverages, from coffee to tea and juice

■ Makes the perfect present for Saint Patrick’s and a lovely addition to any cupware collection


If you love winding down with a relaxing cup of tea, or starting your day with a strong coffee, choose this Cead Mile Failte Ireland Black Label Mug and elevate your ritual! This mug is crafted with qualitative materials, featuring a sturdy handle. This piece will surely last in your collection. The spacious capacity allows you to enjoy the ideal amount of your favorite drinks. What sets our mug apart is its Irish design. Featuring the Gaelic expression ‘Cead mile failte’, translation to ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’, this mug embodies the hospitality and lovely nature of the Irish. Additionally, the Ireland and shamrock prints allow you to connect to the roots of the Emerald Isle with each sip. Whether you get this Galic print mug for yourself, offer it to a dear one, or buy a set for a housewarming party, it is guaranteed to transform any drinking experience into a culturally authentic ritual!