Ireland Tea Bag Holder

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■ Made in Ireland, by Royal Tara - leading manufacturer of Irish giftware and souvenirs
■ 100% premium bone china, high quality ceramic that guarantees resistance in time
■ Convenient and handy size - 10 cm/4” diameter
■ Stunning Irish design: gold & green color palette, Irish elements of culture

Get into the Irish spirit and celebrate your heritage with our Ireland Tea Bag Holder! It was made right in the heart of Ireland, by Royal Tara, which is a leading manufacturer of functional and modern giftware and souvenirs, inspired from the Celtic culture. Our tea bag holder is designed to be both very practical and a beautiful piece that can become a lovely gift for a close one. This piece is made of 100% premium bone china, a fine ceramic , which is very resistant. The high quality material guarantees that your tea bag holder will be resistant to easy breaking or chipping so it’s perfect for prolonged use, with no worries of time damage. It will look brand new even after years! Our tea bag holder is shaped like a teapot. The design encapsulates elements of Celtic culture, being authentically Irish. From the color palette used - a combination of gold and green to the detailing, this piece encapsulates heritage and it is the perfect gift from Ireland. Both the Celtic knots and shamrock illustrated are symbols for the Holy Trinity, representing Christian faith, brought in Ireland during the 5th century, by Saint Patrick.