Shamrock Spiral 50 Teabags Irish Breakfast Tea

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■ Irish Breakfast tea made with full-bodied black tea for a refreshing taste

■ The tea is stored in a metallic tin adorned with shamrocks, a symbol of luck and faith

■ The jar is filled with 50 bags of tea, having a gross weight of 10.40 oz

■ Makes a unique Irish gift, ideal for any occasion


Indulge in the bold and robust taste of our Irish Breakfast Tea. This tea is composed of full-bodied black tea, which gives it a refreshing and rich flavor. Irish Breakfast tea complements the traditional Irish fried breakfast and is typically drunk hot with milk and sugar.

The 50 bags of tea are contained in a metal jar, which can be reused for future tea storage or kept as an Irish souvenir. The metal protects the tea from external factors that can degrade its quality, keeping it fresh for extended periods of time.

The tin is beautifully decorated with Irish flair - it features richly detailed Shamrocks and a Triskelion. The shamrock is commonly correlated with St. Patrick and Christianity, each leaf representing a part of the Holy Trinity. The Triskelion is a Celtic symbol of continual growth and movement. The jar also has an eye-catching lid that adds a plus of exquisiteness.

This Irish breakfast tea will bring the bold and fresh flavors of Ireland into your home. It would also make a thoughtful gift for any tea enthusiast.