Irish Weave Shamrock Spoon Rest

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■ Lovely spoon rest crafted of durable and scratch-resistant new bone china
■ Design featuring vibrant Celtic knotwork and traditional Irish shamrock
■ Measuring 8.66” in length, a great size for placing various hot spoons 
■ A thoughtful gift for a loved one adding a touch of Irish charm 


Spruce up your kitchen with a touch of the Emerald Isle! This Irish spoon rest, crafted of tough-as-nails new bone china that shrugs off scratches and heat, is built to last. The design features the classic shamrock, associated with the patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, the Holy Trinity, and three heartwarming concepts: love, faith, and hope. It's intertwined with intricate Celtic knotwork, representing the interconnectedness of life. Measuring 8.66 inches, it's like Goldilocks' spoon rest, the right size for your utensils, keeping your counters spotless. This functional spoon rest is the perfect gift for a cook or someone with Irish roots, bringing beauty and heritage to the kitchen. Think of it as a little pot of gold for your countertops!