Thistle Mug and Tea Bag Holder in the Scottish Box

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This Scottish Thistle Celtic Mug & Teabag Holder is the perfect companion to your busy mornings and cups of coffee or tea. Proudly displaying the thistle, the national flower of Scotland, this set tells the story of Scottish bravery and resilience. Legends say that once it was a thistle that saved a Scottish party when a Norse invader stepped on it, crying out in agony and waking up the slumbering warriors that defeated them. The set also features traditional Celtic artwork made up of intricate spirals that add a touch of Celtic elegance to any table setting. Made of 100% bone china, the mug and teabag holder are not only stunningly beautiful, but also durable, heat and chip resistant, and strong, being safe for use in a dishwasher and in a microwave. The mug has a capacity of 13 fluid oz, and the teabag holder measures 3.5 inches by 5.0 inches.