Scottish Thistle Spoon Rest

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■ This spoon rest is crafted from quality bone china, a durable and luxurious material

■ The design embraces the Scottish Thistle, a symbol of resilience & strength

■ The spoon is 8.66” long, ideal for holding serving spoons and keeping your surface clean

■ Comes nicely packaged with a delightful Scottish recipe on the back, making a perfect gift


Our exquisite Scottish Thistle Spoon Rest is a great addition to your kitchen that combines cultural authenticity and functionality. Crafted from quality bone china, a durable and luxurious material, this spoon rest promises long-lasting use and adds an elegant touch to your kitchenware. The design of the spoon rest puts the Scottish Thistle at its center, a symbol of resilience and strength and a national emblem of Scotland. Legend has it that the Scottish Thistle saved some sleeping Scots warriors from an invading Norse army when an enemy stepped on it, waking up the warriors who defeated the invaders. In gratitude, the thistle was embraced as a powerful emblem of the nation. The design also features intricate Celtic knotwork, symbolizing interconnectedness and the eternal nature of life. Measuring 8.66" in length, this spoon rest is perfectly suited for holding serving spoons, ladles, or other utensils, keeping your cooking area tidy and mess-free. The Scottish Thistle Spoon Rest comes nicely packaged with a delicious Bacon & Cabbage recipe on the back, making it an ideal gift for anyone in love with Scottish cuisine.