Tiffany Style Celtic Knot Window

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■ Four distinctive Celtic knots span all four corners of our panel ranging in shades of earthy green, brown, and gold.
■ Two metal trinity knots connect to a chain for hanging our window 16”x16” window panel in your home.
■ Shining from the center of our panel is a shield knot in shamrock green stained glass contrasting the earth tones.
■ The shield knot is the Irish symbol of protection, warding away negative spirits and bad intentions.
■ Our Celtic knot stained glass window panel has an antique look to it due to the use of darker colored glass.

Our Celtic knot stained glass window panel is a masterpiece of Celtic knot artwork. Four very distinctive knots hit all four corners of our square stained glass window panel, creating braided loops that in and out of one another. Dark, earthy tones of green, brown and gold stained glass weave together to produce the interweaving lines of the Celtic knots encircling our window panel. Filling the empty spaces of the four Celtic knots is pale gold stained glass that makes a lovely contrast to the earth tones of our panel.

At the top of our window panel, two trinity knots connect our window panel to a chain for hanging. At the center of our stained glass window panel is a Celtic shield knot made from shamrock green stained glass. There is pale yellow stained glass that fills the interior of the shield knot, enhancing its green coloration. The shield knot further stands out like a beacon in the fog due to the contrast of the two shades of green used. As opposed to fading into the piece it stands out proudly for all to see.

The Celtic shield knot is a highly popular knot, used in pieces of Irish arts and crafts. It is the symbolization of protection, warding off negative spirits and bad luck. They would be most commonly placed near an ill person to heal them, or on the battlefield to protect the men at war. Today they are very popular among craftsmen, especially in the making of jewelry. They’re often used as engagement rings protecting a couples love. If you look very closely, you will notice that there are hearts around the edges of the shield knot. The shield knot actually predates the creation of hearts so the realization that they contained hearts was a pleasant surprise, almost as if it knew its purpose. Use our Celtic knot stained glass window panel to liven up and bring a bit of protection to your home.