Tree of Life Stained Glass Window Hanging

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■ Celtic glass panel handcrafted of 100%stained glass creating mesmerizing patterns
■ Vibrant Celtic Tree of Life symbolizes continual growth, and the link between heaven and earth
■ Measuring 6.29” square comes with a chain suitable for easily hanging in various spaces
■ A meaningful addition to your home decor, perfect to show appreciation for the Emerald Isle


Add enchanting Irish symbolism to your home with our captivating Tree of Life Stained Glass Window Hanging! This handcrafted masterpiece, made in Ireland from 100% high-quality stained glass is a vibrant testament to Celtic artistry, promising to grace your space for years with its enduring beauty. The centerpiece is the iconic Celtic Tree of Life. Its branches reach skyward, symbolizing continual growth and the unwavering strength found in nature. The roots delve deep, signifying the interconnectedness of all living things, a profound message whispered in every vibrant hue. This ancient tree symbolizes the connection between the earth and the heavens. Measuring 6.29” square, this piece comes with a chain so you can easily hang it where sunlight dances through the colors, creating a lovely interplay of patterns on all surfaces.. Alternatively, adorn a wall and allow its radiant presence to become a captivating focal point. This exquisite stained glass piece is ideal for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions! Choose a Celtic tea towel as well to completely transform your kitchen or lounging area!