Celtic View Beveled Window

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■ Our Celtic view window panel measures at 11.5”x14” making it just right to fit on your choice of window.
■ The beveled edges of the rectangle pieces of glass border glass on our panel add to the uniqueness of our piece.
■ Four sheets of frosted glass beautifully catch and filter light into your home when the sun shines through your windows.
■ A large quarternary knot dominates the center of our Celtic view glass window panel with four distinctive points.
■ Quarternary knots have multiple representations, like the four seasons and the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth.

Our Celtic view window panel is a great way to bring a bit of Ireland into your home. Rectangular in shape, our window panel is made from 45 pieces of glass. 12 pieces of glass in the shape of rectangles frame the interior design of our panel. With two rectangles on the top and bottom of the panel and 4 rectangles on each side, the thin rectangles add dimension with their beveled edges. Four sheets of frosted glass surround a Celtic knot that is placed in the center of our glass panel.

The Celtic knot found at the center of our glass window panel is a quarternary knot. This knot has four distinctive points to it and has many different representations. For some people it is the representation of the four seasons, for others it is a representation of the four elements earth, air, water, and fire. It was also used to represent the four Irish holidays Samhain, Imbolc, Lughnasadh, and Beltane.

But no matter the meaning when it comes to our glass window panel the Celtic knot artwork clearly represents a part of Ireland. Our Celtic view window panel has a minimalistic design that uses each piece of glass to proudly display the quarternary knot found at the center. The larger panels of frosted glass combined with the finer lines of the quarternary knot and the beveled glass border make the details of the clear glass shine through.

Our Celtic view window panel measures in at 11.5”x14” and can be placed in any window in your home. The light will shine through the frosted glass creating a hazy glow, while light refractions will catch on the beveled edges of our panel. Two suction cups on the left and right side of our window panel remove the need for drilling holes. Allowing you to quickly hang and remove our glass window panel without any hassle. So you can feel free to move it around to different rooms in your home depending on your mood.