Claddagh Ring Stained Glass Window Hanging

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■ Irish window hanging handmade of 100% stained glass, ensuring longevity and a timeless beauty
■ Colorful design featuring the iconic Claddagh Ring, shamrocks, and the Celtic Trinity knot
■ Measuring 6.29" square with a sturdy metal chain to hang with ease near a source of light
■ An one-of-a-kind decor piece, the perfect present for housewarmings and loved ones


Steep your home in the rich symbolism of Ireland with our captivating Claddagh Ring Stained Glass Window Hanging! This piece is crafted of 100% vibrant stained glass, boasts timeless charm, and promises to endure for years. The hand-painted hues of the stained glass will create mesmerizing patterns on surfaces in your home. The iconic Claddagh Ring design steals the spotlight, its intertwined hands, heart, and crown embodying the cherished values of love, loyalty, and friendship. The Trinity knot in the middle of the Claddagh is a well-known symbol in Celtic culture, appreciated for its representation of faith. The shamrocks adorning each corner of this colorful stained glass panel symbolize the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. Sized at a convenient 6.29” square with a metal chain for easy hanging, you can display this piece on your wall or near a sunny window, letting the light dance through its design. Our Irish stained glass panel is a wonderful gift for various occasions, perfect when paired with a matching mug or teapot for the kitchen!