Irish Harp Suncatcher

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■ Hand-painted on sturdy glass, made to last for ages

■ Boasts a Harp on a background of vibrant green and yellow shades

■ Comes with hooks for hanging and is packed in a gift box for easy storage

■ Sized at 6.3 by 6.3 inches, perfect to display in front of a window or a wall

■ The instrument honors Ireland’s deep musical heritage


Our Irish Harp Panel is the ideal way to add a touch of color and sunlight to your home or to lovingly gift to your friend. Meticulously made out of sturdy glass, this panel is meant to enhance the ambiance of any space you place it in for years to come, thanks to the material’s resistance.

Created to celebrate Ireland’s deep musical heritage, the design is stained in an alluring plethora of colors, ranging from peachy pink, moss green, gold, pale blue, and green. The suncatcher displays the iconic Irish harp detailed with a Triquetra at the bottom. Additionally, it is adorned with “Irish Harp” lettering, stylized in a classic Celtic font and features a border of geometric patterns, as well as a distinctively positioned shamrock in each corner.

At the heart of the giftware is a musical instrument that has always been considered a heraldic symbol of Ireland. Currently printed on the Irish national currency, harps represent the sovereignty of Ireland in early Irish mythology.

Measuring approximately 6.3” x 6.3”, this window hanging is ideally sized for displaying by a window or hanging on a wall. Besides that, it has hooks on it for hanging and comes in a charming gift box for easy storage. "