Aran Blasket Knit Wool Blanket

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■ Traditional Aran basket throw crafted from entirety 100% fisherman wool, a thick, warm, and durable material, ideal for the cold seasons

■ Features Aran basket stitches designed with centuries-old Irish waving techniques to represent abundance and prosperity

■ Measures 66.93 inches in length & 44.88 inches in width, fit to perfection to complete your bed, sofa, or for cuddling up with your friends

■ Showcasing the excellent craftsmanship of the Emerald Isle, our throw is a wonderful present and addition to your home


Let your home decor pieces transport you to a rustic realm of magic and tradition with our Aran Basket Knit Wool Blanket! It is expertly crafted from 100% fishermen wool, a thick and durable material that will surely keep you warm. With a cozy look, this throw features Aran stitches, authentic patterns designed with knitting traditions that have been passed down through many generations. The basket stitch, showcased here in a voluminous manner, is a representation of abundance, alluding to the tools used by the fishermen in the Irish islands to hunt at sea. A celebration of the Irish way of life, our throw makes a wonderful present! The throw measures 66.93 inches in length & 44.88 inches in width, ideal for fitting on your bed as a decorative piece or for those chilly evenings spent with your family by the candlelight or watching a movie. Whether you wish to spice up your home or make a versatile gift, our throw is perfect!