Irish Shamrock Stained Glass Lamp 21"

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■ The Stained Glass Shamrock Lamp helps any home exhibit a more vibrant atmosphere, especially with its multicolored design.
■ Our lamp provides just enough brightness to the area where it stands. It blocks a certain amount of light to protect everyone from glare.
■ Our stained glass lamp is versatile. It can be used to bring a modern or traditional touch to any home. With its colorway and design, it can never be left unnoticed by whoever visits the home it adorns. Therefore, even if it is placed in a not-so-noticeable nook, it still gets the attention of visitors.
■ Measurements: 18.5" high with 12.25" diameter shade. Requires a 60-watt bulb Type A.

The Stained Glass Shamrock Lamp can be one of the best representations of your Irish pride. With its striking pattern of clustered shamrocks punctuated by gold ribbons, it is one of Keily’s best-selling products. With its 18.5-inch height and 12-inch width, it can be an ideal centerpiece for your living room, study room or bedroom. Having one will definitely draw attention, especially from friends and relatives who appreciate good artistry.

But beyond its aesthetics, the shamrock-inspired lamp symbolizes the deep Christian heritage of the Irish people. The shamrock, a young clover, was in fact used by Ireland’s St. Patrick as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity. However, the word shamrock gained prominence when it began to be used in Irish literature. In a series of Medieval poems featuring places in Ireland, shamrock was used to usually describe a blossoming clovered plain.

On the other hand, the shamrock lamp’s use of stained glass in its design harks back a thousand of years ago. The material, which is made of multi-colored glass, was originally designed to adorn the windows of churches and other religious infrastructure.

Although stained glass has traditionally been used for windows, it is now also being utilized as material for art pieces. It is now also widely used as a primary component for home furnishings such as lamps.

Incorporating the shamrock into the lamp’s stained-glass design requires a great amount of skill on the part of the craftsman. Putting the two together must not only take into consideration the overall look of the lamp but the message its projects. The lamp, more than anything else, signifies the proud lineage of the Irish people as well as their profound religiosity. Looking at the lamp’s stained glass is akin to going back in time and reliving the nation’s glorious past.