Irish Wool Throw Celtic Spiral Pattern

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■ Knit from a warm and soft blend of Merino Wool
■ Celtic spirals and knot patterns
■ Measures 71 inch (Length) x 47 inch (Width)
■ Care Instructions: Gently hand wash or dry clean only. Dry Flat.
■ Made by SAOL - a leading manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear


A great way of cherishing Irish heritage, our Irish Wool Throw Celtic Spiral Pattern was projected to combine functionality, looks and celebration of the Irish spirit!

This product combines Irish wool with Irish hands. Made of premium merino wool blend, it is very durable, also being a soft, warm, comfortable, yet very breathable blanket. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The throw was crafted right in the heart of Ireland, by SAOL, a leading manufacturer of Irish knitwear. The exact measurements of this gorgeous throw are 71 inches (approximately 180 cm) in length and 47 inches (approximately 120 cm) in width. For best care, gentle hand washing or dry cleaning are recommended.

Designed to be a charming addition to the interior design of your home, this piece illustrates a Celtic spiral pattern. This Celtic symbol has its origins hundreds of years ago that encapsulates the close tie between the Celts and nature. The Celtic culture is the root for the Irish one and it is portrayed in a beautiful and authentic manner. Our product comes in 2 colors: navy and gray, both neutral shades, making the blanket easy to adapt to different styles of interior design, from classic to modern.

Guaranteed to be a beautiful design that will light up any room and bring an extra dose of coziness, this throw is also the perfect gift from Ireland for your dear ones!