Cable Knit Patch Throw

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■ Expertly crafted of supersoft Merino wool, an organic, heat insulating material
■ Features cable Aran stitches, used since the 19th century as a good luck omen
■ Measures 60” by 40”, perfectly sized for cuddling or draping over your bed
■ Woven in the Ireland, an authentic must-have for you or your loved ones’ homes 

Our Cable Knit Patch Throw is an essential for lovers of Irish heritage and cozy home decor! Attentively crafted from supersoft Merino wool, this throw offers exceptional comfort and warmth. This organic material is known for its gentle-against-the-skin fibers, which provide superior heat insulation and a soft, luxurious feel. You will love the meaningful design of this piece! It features traditional Aran cable stitches, which have been used since the 19th century as symbols of good luck. Did you know wives of Irish fishermen used to knit them sweaters with meaningful stitches as omen of protection against the cold sea? It sure is captivating. Measuring 60” by 40”, the throw is ideally sized for snuggling on the couch, adding warmth to your bed, or enhancing any living space with its elegant presence. Woven in Ireland by skilled artisans, this piece reflects authentic craftsmanship and cultural heritage, making a cherished addition to any home as well as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Plus, did we mention you can pair it with an Irish scented candle and turn your space into an oasis of relaxation?