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■ Dolmen whistle pack consists of a quality brass tin whistle, a tin whistle tutor in the book, and an audio download
■ Whistle in the key of D made with a plastic mouthpiece and an 11.6” cylindrical brass barrel having an elegant metallic shine
■ Including a CD and an informative tutor book with step-by-step instructions for popular Irish and international songs
■ An Irish-inspired gift celebrating the artistry and musical heritage of Ireland, made in Galway by Michael Vignoles


Embrace the beautiful music of Ireland with our Audio Tin Whistle pack, designed to take you step by step through your first notes to playing your first tunes. This whistle pack, which consists of a brass tin whistle, a tutor book, and an audio download, was produced by Michael Vignoles, a well-known and highly accomplished musician and instrument maker from the Claddagh in Galway, Ireland. Irish whistles belong to a class of woodwind instruments known as fipple flutes, and they have a history that goes way back to the 1800s. This whistle plays in the key of D and has a durable 11.6” cylindrical barrel that is made of brass, a superior-quality metal that delivers a sweet sound, especially when played in the upper range.

The whistle has the traditional six holes and a plastic mouthpiece. The diagrammed tutor brings Vignoles’ wealth of experience in teaching and playing music, including popular Irish and international songs. The audio download completes this set, offering an extended understanding of this musical experience. This lovely whistle pack celebrates the musical legacy of Ireland and makes a truly heartfelt Irish present for your loved ones.

Spend an evening of lively Irish culture and music with your family and friends playing this traditional whistle!