Traditional Penny Flute Set of 2 Whistle Key "D" and "C"

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■ Crafted with attention to detail from durable and tarnish-resistant brass, our set of two traditional Irish whistles makes a lasting addition to your musical instrument collection

■ Designed with 6 holes that when combined produce various notes, these key C and key D Irish whistles are a cherished instruments that can be played by anyone

■ Each whistle is authentically made in Ireland to perfectly capture the beauty of Irish scenery, people, stories, and traditions through music

■ With these Irish instruments, you can celebrate Ireland’s cultural heritage or make a thoughtful gift to a lover of melodious tunes


If you wish to create a fairytale-like soundtrack of your life, inspired by Irish traditions, choose our Set of 2 Whistle Brass Key "D" and "C". This set comes with two whistles, one in key C and the other in key D, both crafted with meticulous attention, from brass, a durable corrosion-resistant material, promising these instruments will last for years to come. Each whistle is designed with a mouthpiece and 6 holes that produce various musical notes and melodious tunes whenever combined. The simple yet enchanting sound of the Irish whistle showcases the heart and soul of the Emerald Isle's musical heritage. When you play this instrument, you are celebrating Celtic traditions, the green Irish landscapes, the lively people, and all of their stories. Each song carries a sense of nostalgia and will make you feel part of Irish culture. Learning to play the Irish whistle requires patience and dedication, yet its relatively simple fingering system makes it accessible even to beginners. These whistles are perfect for anyone who wishes to pick up a new culturally-inspired hobby, celebrate music, or Irish heritage. Gift it to your loved ones for a touch of Irish dazzle in their lives!