Scottish Thistle Link Bracelet

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■ Crafted from .925 sterling silver, an exceptionally durable and elegant metal

■ The bracelet features a thistle design, inspired by Scotland’s rich cultural heritage

■ This beautiful link bracelet measures 7" in length and is exceptionally elegant

■ The bracelet would make an elegant gift for any special Scottish lady


Our Scottish Thistle Link Bracelet is the perfect touch of sophistication for any look. The bracelet is crafted from sterling silver, so it is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Sterling silver is strong and durable, and has a reflective surface that is exceptionally elegant. However, what makes this bracelet truly special is the Scottish thistle design. The thistle is a symbol of the untamed natural beauty of Scotland. It is believed that the thistle was the reason why Scots won the battle against invading Norsemen back in the middle ages. According to one legend, the Norse invaders tried to attack the Scottish warriors at night. However, they were unaware that the field was full of thistles, so they stumbled upon the prickly plants and cried out in pain. The Scottish warriors woke up from their sleep and won the battle, and the thistle became a symbol of bravery and resilience. The cultural significance of the design makes this bracelet a wonderful gift idea for any Scottish lady!