Book of Kells Celtic earrings

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■ Rhodium-plated earrings for long-lasting use and shine

■ Drop earring design for added comfort and security

■ Intricate Celtic knots to keep your heritage alive

■ Featuring luxurious green cat eyeglasses for a pop of color

■ These earrings are 0.75” in height and 0.55” in width


"Add some sparkle to your outfit with these dazzling Book of Kells Celtic earrings . Our earrings are rhodium-plated, making them incredibly durable and super-shiny. Rhodium-plated jewelry is a great option as rhodium-coating protects the surface of the jewelry while adding luster and sheen - you won’t go unnoticed with these earrings. For the best results, store them away from humidity and sun exposure. What makes these earrings special is their culturally-inspired design featuring intricate Celtic knotwork overlaid on vividly colored, green cat eyeglasses. The Celtic knots have been artistically inspired by the interlacing patterns from the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is considered one of the greatest Celtic Christian creations and one of Ireland's national treasures. These earrings would make a thoughtful gift idea for anyone who wants to show off their cultural heritage in a fun way.