Tree of Life Conemmara Marble Necklace

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■  Gorgeous pendant crafted from Irish-hallmarked sterling silver

■  Stunning inlaid Connemara marble detail for a unique look

■  Features an intricate Tree of Life design with Trinity Knot detail

■  Measures 0.9’’ x 0.6’’ and comes with an 18’’ sterling silver rolo chain

■  For best long-term care, wash in warm soapy water and keep in a dry place


Stand out from the crowd with our fabulous Irish pendant. Crafted from Irish hallmarked sterling silver and inlaid with Connemara marble and featuring an intricate Tree of Life design with Trinity Knot detail, this unique piece of jewelry is sure to make a statement.


The Tree of Life was an important symbol in Celtic culture that signified wisdom, guidance, and protection. It was believed that its roots reach into the earth, connecting to the spirit world and the branches reach to the sky, symbolizing the connection to divinity. The Trinity Knot is a symbol that stands for many trinities in nature, such as the Holy Trinity in Christianity or the connection between body, mind, and spirit.


Add a touch of Irish magic to your wardrobe with this stunning pendant!