Celtic Owl on Crescent Moon Silver Earrings

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■ Crafted from resistant to tarnishing sterling silver, ensuring long-lasting use

■ Designed with a Celtic owl and intricate knotwork for added cultural essence

■ These dangle earrings measure 1” in width and 0.82” in height

■ These earrings make a wonderful Celtic gift for yourself or your loved ones


Elevate your style with our enchanting Celtic Owl on Crescent Moon Silver Earrings. These unique earrings are crafted from sterling silver, a durable material that will not rust or tarnish, ensuring to last for many years to come. They are shaped like an owl spreading its wings on a crescent moon. In Celtic mythology, the owl represents a guide of our worldly journey, as well as wisdom. The crescent moon is adorned with intricate Celtic knotwork displaying intertwining loops that represent the connectivity of all things in life. This unique design makes a heartwarming addition for any wearer. Measuring 1 inch in width and 0.82 inches in height, these dangle earrings will perfectly complement any outfit without overwhelming your style. Make a gift to yourself or to your loved ones with these crescent moon earrings!