Connemara Marble Sun And Moon Style Sterling Silver Earrings

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■  Irish earrings crafted of 100% shiny sterling silver, offering long-lasting beauty and elegance
■  Unique Connemara Marble gems in distinct green hues resemble the lush Irish landscapes
■  Sun and Moon, symbols of balance and harmony adorned with meaningful Celtic Knotwork
■  Drop earrings sized at 0.59” x 0.39” with secure latch closures, authentically made in Ireland

Immerse yourself in the magic of Ireland with these Connemara Marble Sun And Moon Style Sterling Silver Earrings. Crafted of 100% gleaming sterling silver, they promise rust resistance, long-lasting beauty, and a touch of timeless elegance. The gemstone is made of rare Connemara marble, found only in the Emerald Isle, known for its vibrant green hues that echo the lush landscapes of Ireland.


The Sun and Moon duo, intricately interwoven with Celtic knotwork, represents the harmonious dance of opposing forces. The sun, a symbol of vitality, shines brightly, while the moon, embodying reflection, and the feminine essence, offers a calming presence. Together, they evoke a sense of balance and the eternal cycle of nature. The intricate Celtic knotwork, with its endless loops, represents the flow of life, the connection between all living things in the universe, and the enduring spirit of the Celtic people’s beliefs.


Measuring 0.59" x 0.39", these drop-style earrings are the perfect size for everyday wear. The secure latch closures ensure they are easy to put on and will stay comfortably in place throughout your day. Presented in a gift box, they would make a lovely gift for a special lady in your life, especially when combined with a matching Sun and Moon pendant!