Connemara Marble Reversible Mother’s Love Sterling Silver Pendant

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■  Irish reversible pendant made in Ireland, from sterling silver and rare Connemara marble
■  A center connemara marble bead, adorned with embossed elegant patterns
■  Reversible side designed with an engraved image inspired by Virgin Mary
■  Measures 1.5” in length and 0.75” in width, perfect to highlight your neckline

If you love sophisticated accessories that also have a story, choose our Connemara Marble Reversible Mother’s Love Sterling Silver Pendant! This pendant is exquisitely made in Ireland, from Connemara marble and sterling silver. This combination is both elegant and durable.


The green hues of the natural marble, that can only be found in western Ireland, make each pendant a one-of-a-kind piece. The silver is rust and corrosion resistant, guaranteeing long lasting use. The center Connemara marble bead is surrounded by embossed patterns that elevate the overall design. What truly sets our pendant apart is the reversible side embellished with an engraved picture inspired by Virgin Mary, allowing you to celebrate your faith. This spiritual symbol serves as a constant reminder of a mother’s love, making this pendant a truly thoughtful addition to your collection.


Measuring 1.5” in length and 0.75” in width, this pendant is perfect for daily wear, the ideal way to elevate your neckline. Match it with a Connemara marble ring or gift it to the special lady in your life!