Celtic Knotwork Shamrock & Irish Claddagh Silver Pendant

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■  This delicate pendant is crafted with Fine Sterling Silver, a precious metal with a lustrous appearance that ensures lasting use and durability.

■  The culturally inspired design illustrates a fine Shamrock motif encircled by an Irish Claddagh ring featuring a pattern of intricately woven Knots.

■  This pendant is the perfect jewelry to celebrate your heritage and showcase the beauty and talent of Irish craftsmanship.

■  The necklace has a size of 1.31 inches in height and 1.14 inches in width and comes with a chain of 18 inches in a beautiful branded box. 


Our beautiful Irish pendant combines heritage, elegance, and artistry into one design. The pendant is crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, which is primarily known for its incredible strength and durability. This precious metal is also highly acclaimed for its sophisticated appearance and lustrous shine, which gives the pendant an exceptionally refined look.


Its design is culturally inspired and features a beautiful combination of a fine Shamrock motif encircled by a gorgeous Claddagh ring. It is said that Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, used the three leaves of the shamrock to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity. By doing this, he converted the pagan people of Ireland to Christianity. The Irish Claddagh consists of two hands holding a crowned heart, being regarded as a beautiful symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. The Claddagh ring also features intricately woven Celtic Knotwork that suggests the interconnection of all living things on Earth.


The combination of these symbols makes this necklace an homage to Celtic and Irish culture and heritage. The jewelry measures 1.31” in height and 1.14” in width and comes with an 18” chain in a beautiful branded box. This set makes a truly elegant gift for yourself or someone special.