Angel Wings and Infinity Symbol with Gemstone Silver Pendant

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■  Crafted from 100% sterling silver, ensuring exceptional quality and lasting durability

■  Features a design of angel wings and an infinity symbol, representing spirituality

■  Adorned with a brilliant gemstone, the pendant exudes a charming and elegant allure

■  Measures 1" in length and 0.7" in width & comes with an 18” silver chain


Experience the captivating beauty and deep symbolism of Irish culture with this stunning Angel Wings and Infinity Symbol with Gemstone Silver Pendant. Meticulously crafted from 100% sterling silver, it guarantees exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.


The design of the pendant combines graceful angel wings and the timeless infinity symbol, representing spirituality, protection, and eternal love. Adding to its allure, the pendant is adorned with a brilliant gemstone, radiating charm and elegance. Measuring 1" in length and 0.7" in width, it will surely make a statement. The pendant comes complete with an 18" silver chain, allowing for effortless styling and adjustability.


Embrace the profound connection to Irish heritage that this pendant embodies. With its symbolic design and exquisite craftsmanship, it serves as a meaningful reminder of your spirituality.