14k Gold accent and Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant

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■  Made of 925 sterling silver with a 14k gold accent, providing a timeless shine and durability

■  Design inspired by the Celtic Tree of Life, and adorned with sun and crescent symbols

■  The pendant measures 0.7 inches and includes an 18-inch silver chain for attachment

■  Coming in a sophisticated gift box to be safely stored and easily gifted to a dear one


Add a touch of elegance to your ensemble with our 14k Gold accent and Sterling Silver Pendant, a stunning accessory that holds deep Celtic meaning. Meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver, this exquisite piece exudes a timeless shine while boasting exceptional durability that resists rust and tarnish. The 14k Gold accent adds color to the pendant and enhances its sophistication.


The design of the pendant is inspired by the revered Celtic Tree of Life, intricately detailed with enchanting Celtic knots and swirls, highlighting the deep bond between humanity and the natural world. Symbolizing the interconnection between all living beings and the cycle of life, it carries the profound meaning of Celtic culture. Within this enchanting design, the sun and crescent symbols find their place, representing the beautiful union of opposites that attract and complete one another.


Measuring 0.7 inches in diameter, this pendant comes accompanied by an 18-inch silver chain, ensuring a perfect fit and effortless wear. Presented in a beautiful gift box, it makes for a unique Irish gift, sure to impress a dear one with an eye for elegance and spirituality.