Irish Teddy Bears

Irish Teddy Bears
    There’s truly nothing like a teddy bear’s hug. It’s part of the reason why they are loved by children globally. Our unique collection of classic Irish teddy bears will do much more than give you warm hugs. They are designed with high-quality, unique material to ensure that they last a long time. Their fluffy nature also makes sure they are acceptable and suit everyone’s tastes. These iconic Irish teddy bears also have variable Celtic symbols that give them cultural value. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a friend that you truly cherish and miss, our collection of Irish teddy bears might be the place to look.
    So, what makes our Irish teddy bears different from the rest? Well, compared to any teddy bear that you would find in your local convenience store, our teddy bears are handcrafted with unique quality materials. They also carry Celtic symbols that can be used to pass messages to loved ones. This also makes them a perfect gift item. Celtic symbols have long been used throughout history by the people of Ireland to wish your loved one’s eternal love, loyalty, friendship, and good fortune. Getting this special Irish teddy bear for your loved one will show just how much you cherish your relationship with them while at the same time offering unlimited hugs.
    Their fluffy nature also makes them a perfect display or décor item for your home. Compliment your bed or living room area with any of our lovely Irish teddy bears to bring warmth and a radiant feel into your home. Your visitors won't help pick them up every time they walk into your living spaces. What’s best our unique collection of Irish teddy bears come with an affordable price tag.
    Depending on the type of Irish teddy bear you are looking for, here are a few examples we have in store: Irish Teddy Bear with Aran Jumper: This sweet looking teddy bear comes with an Aran design sweater with a Shamrock logo on it. It’s 11-inches and has a fluffy appeal. This unique teddy bear is perfect for gifting and as a décor item. Small Beige Bear Holding Shamrock: This unique teddy bear makes the perfect souvenir. It comes with a unique soft coating holding a Shamrock embroidered Ireland. It is also sizable meaning it can easily fit in a gift box. Irish Teddy Bear with Pajama: Perhaps the best teddy bear for your daughter or granddaughter. They will love to play and cuddle with this teddy bear before they sleep. It also comes in a unique green and white pajama with an embroidered Shamrock.
    Irish Teddy Bear Ciaran with Removable Irish Sweater: Eye-candy, this teddy bear is loveable at first sight, and anyone who receives it from you will always remember you through its warm fluffy hugs. Its cute eyes and removable Ireland Green sweater adds to its appeal. This Irish teddy bear is best used as a décor item and a gift. It’s too cute to be used as a play item! Traditional Scottish Teddy Bear: This fluffy loveable teddy bear with a saltire flag sweater makes a perfect gift and souvenir. You could also use it as a décor item due to its size at 9-inches, it's not too awkward or insignificant.
    Our collection of huggable Irish Teddy Bears are sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Keilys is a global leader in the supply of authentic Irish crafts and wares. They take pride in satisfying their client’s needs by offering 100% quality Irish crafts. Keilys sources its merchandise from some of the leading Irish craft houses and artisans. Are you looking for a loveable Irish teddy bear? Check out our selection!
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