Irish Dolls

    Looking for authentic Irish dolls? Well, we have an amazing collection of authentic Irish dolls that suit both young and old alike. These Irish dolls have unique characteristics that set them aside from other dolls in the market. Whether you are looking to get a gift for your daughter or granddaughter or you are just looking to advance your collector's items, these dolls will fit right into your plans. Designed with unique characteristics, these lovely dolls will put a smile on any young girl’s face. Their radiant nature means they could also be used for aesthetic appeal in your home to match or complement your already gorgeous décor.
    While dolls can be found anywhere, what sets these dolls apart from any other Irish dolls you would get at your local convenience store is the quality of the build. Since they are authentic Irish dolls, they have been designed to last. They also have a unique characteristic feature that makes them stand out from the rest. They come in a favorable size, meaning they are not too big to look awkward or too small to be insignificant. Our lovely collection of Irish dolls, unlike your modern dolls, have a timeless appeal, and not the plasticky feel you’d get with regular dolls in the market. These fantastic dolls also carry unique Celtic designs with Shamrock or Celtic knots printed on them. In Irish traditions, these Celtic knots and symbols carry deep-rooted meaning that can be used to pass special messages to people we love. Irish traditions have used these symbols for centuries to pass messages of love, loyalty, eternity, and good fortunes to loved ones. With these special collections of Irish dolls, you can pass the same messages to your children or loved ones.
    In case you are looking for unique, timeless Irish dolls to complement your home décor or to use a gift for your loved ones, we have a large collection of Irish dolls to suit everyone’s needs, they include:
    Small Bridget Irish Dolls: These unique dolls with a classic design is made of wool with green and white coloring to represent Ireland. It also comes with a Shamrock embroidered at the center iconic of true Irish culture.
    Irish Rag Doll Grainne with Shamrock Dress & Hat: This unique, timeless design Irish doll is the perfect gift for your daughter or granddaughter. It has a quality design-build that will last years. It also comes with unique shamrock patterns that are symbolic of Irish culture.
    Annie Ireland Rag Doll: Just like any other rag doll, this Unique Irish rag doll is designed to last. Its tall unique features make it almost life-like and loveable. It is designed both for play and as a décor piece. This classic doll comes with Shamrock patterns representative of St. Patrick’s teachings on the holy trinity. Irish Red Hair Jenny Standing Porcelain Doll 8”: This is a fantastic stylish doll to get. It’s an ideal piece to have for a gift given its glamorous nature, and your children will love it. It comes with a unique classy hat, shamrock design dress, and red hair.
    My Best Friend Colleen Doll 20”: Perhaps the most iconic Irish doll in our collection. This red-haired doll comes with a green hat and dresses complete with Shamrock design. Its big round eyes will steal any young girls’ heart. This doll is ideal for gifting and as a décor piece.
    Our collection of authentic Irish dolls is sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Keilys is a world leader in authentic Irish crafts and wares. They take pride in promoting Irish culture and heritage by selling 100% authentic Irish products. Keilys gets it wares from the leading Craft houses and artisans in Ireland. Are we looking for an authentic Irish doll? Check out our collection!
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