Celtic Ireland Green T Shirt

Celtic Ireland Green T Shirt

Celtic Ireland Green T Shirt
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Great fit and true to size. Can be tricky ordering clothes online but I always get something nice from this site.

Product Details

  • Style, comfort, and quality Ė these are the qualities that can make it on par with other expensive and reputable brands.
  • Itís definitely perfect for anybody size as it comes in 5 different sizes Ėmedium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL.
  • The fabric is 100% cotton so itís easy to wear, itís durable, breathable, and less strenuous to keep and wash.
  • The design upholds nationalistic spirits so itís a great giveaway to local friends or souvenir to foreign guests and friends.
  • The straightforward design will never go out of style --- you can wear it and still look cool years later.
Being proud of your country and your roots is one thing, but showing this pride is another. You can now show how proud you are of your Irish roots with this comfortable Menís Celtic Ireland T-Shirt, a simple yet smartly designed shirt thatís 100% cotton.

The shirt is in bottle-green color Ė a shade thatís truly cool and pleasing to the eyes. Thereís a huge ďIrelandĒ print on the chest part of the shirt, and next to it is a Celtic pattern. This is a perfect gift for somebody who wants to wear his patriotic spirits and Irish pride on his sleeves. If you have friends from abroad coming over, this shirt could also be the memento of their Irish experience and your Irish kind of hospitality.

The shirt has the perfect neckline size Ė not too wide, never too tight. It also comes in various sizes so you can easily choose that one size thatís perfect for your body size and frame.

The shirtís simple yet classy design makes it easy to wear on any occasion. Whether youíre hanging out with friends downtown on a hot summer afternoon, or if youíre planning to take the girl of your dreams on a date on a fantastic Saturday evening, this shirt will help you look the part and perfectly dressed for the occasion. For formal events, you can just put your blazer on and sport the shirt to the event. On colder days, you can just wear it under your jacket or hoody for that casual, hip, and laid back look.

When youíre done wearing and you need to wash it, you donít have to worry about being too cautious with its fabric as this shirt is 100% machine washable. Plus, the color doesnít bleed so you can safely wash it with your other colored clothes.
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