Celtic Choice Ghillies by Fays

Fay’s Celtic Choice Ghillies are the reliable Irish dance shoe brand everyone knows and loves. They use the latest in dance shoe technology to expertly craft Irish dance shoes that mold to the shape of any dancer’s foot. Their ghillies, or pumps if you will come with an ultra-flexible split-sole design that allows you to quickly “break in” your new ghillies. The split soles of the Celtic Choice Ghillies allow you a full range of motion in the flexing of your feet. The lack of resistance in the middle of the soles allow your to expertly point your toes and hit that perfect arch.
Celtic Choice Ghillies are also insanely comfortable, and comfort is a key factor when you’re constantly moving and leaping across the stage. Fay’s ghillie’s lack a seam in the toe area, helping to reduce the irritation that can be caused by the friction that usually occurs in the toe area. The constant rubbing of the toes against a seam line can wear on a dancer’s feet and cause inhibit their performance when comes to competition dance. The seam line found in many Irish dance ghillies tends to break down over time but with Celtic Choice Ghillies you won’t have that problem.
Their soft shoes are also top notch when it comes to their adaptability to the shape of your feet. The leather of Fay's ghillies hugs close to the foot so that you can feel secure as you perform leaps and jumps. The super soft calf leather used in all Celtic Choice Ghillies is especially refined in the heel area. The soft leather hugs their shape close and allows no excess room in the heel area. Championship Irish dancers notice the difference between Fay’s Celtic Choice Ghillies and other soft shoes. They instantly feel how snug Fay’s ghillies are, hugging the arch of their feet and as soon as you put them on you will too.
They also have the added bonus of having great shock absorption thanks to the fully padded insoles of Fay’s Celtic Choice Ghillies. The padding between the inner and outer soles of Fay’s pumps is a Poron insole. Poron is known for their high ability to absorb shock. And shock absorption is an essential factor in Irish competition dance with how often dancers land on their feet performing jumps. Poron is so great at shock absorption that it is used in other sport's shoes and sports equipment. The padding of Celtic Choice Ghillies provides extra cushion not only to the soles of your feet but to your toes as well.
The seamlessness of the toe area, combined with Poron insole padding, means that anyone who practices Irish dancers can easily lift onto their toes. That extra support is especially great for beginner Irish dancers who are just learning how to rise up on their toes. Fay’s Irish dance shoes have been handcrafted in Dublin Ireland since 1980 and the company was founded by Dan Fay. Dan had over 55 years of experience crafting shoes before he launched Fay’s Irish Dance Shoe company. They’re a company that believes in creating quality Irish dancing footwear, and they achieve that by handcrafting all of their shoes in their Dorset Street workshop.
Many champions of the Irish Dance world have worn Fay’s dance shoes and their shoes have been sold all over the world. They’ve carried on the same dedication to craftsmanship as they began within 1980 and the quality can be seen in how well made their Irish dance ghillies are. And when you wear Fay’s Celtic Choice Ghillies you’ll feel the quality with every step you take.