Fays Soft Shoes

Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland, our Fays Irish Dancing Soft Shoes will make every twist and turns or even the intricate pirouette trouble-free. Thanks to its ultra-flexible composition. Primarily, our Fays Irish Dancing Shoes is constructed using 100 percent calf leather that gives the shoe terrific flexibility which could put anyone at an advantage when executing a complex Irish dance movement.
At Keilys Irish Dance & Gifts, we take great pride in producing the highest quality Irish Dancing shoes. In order to achieve this, we make sure that all the shoes we produced are handcrafted by skilled artisans in the beautiful streets of Dublin.
Our talented craftsmen create cutting marks that resemble the rich history of Ireland. Once the pattern has been made, we immediately develop a wooden frame around which shoes will be crafted so that we are able to come up with the right shape and fitting for our Fays Irish Dancing Shoes.
Subsequently, our specialists will select the leather that will be used in the shoe. More often than not, the leather we used on our Fays Irish Dance Soft Shoes and the rest of our collection have undergone a specific tanning process to make sure that we are using the finest-quality leather bends that will keep the soles and heels of the shoe. 
In addition to its leather construction, our Fays Irish Dancing Shoes also comes with a Poron insole which is commonly found on athletic shoes. The Poron provides our clients with an ability to achieve comfort upon impact.
Our Fays Irish Dancing Shoes are built with a heel stiffener that allows every dancer to avoid blisters and ensure that the heel of the shoe is in shape and keeps it on the foot. Also, the crust of our dancing shoes is built using a hi-tech heel which adds strength for easy clicking and provides a concentrated limberness in a timely manner.
Our years of experience in manufacturing top-quality Irish dance footwear have enabled us to come up with a customized Fays Irish Dancing Shoes that provide durability and maximize the potential of every dancer. We provide the flexibility and varying degrees of support needed by champion dancers, show entertainers, and dance teachers to properly execute a sterling Irish two-step.
For years, our Fays Irish Dancing Shoes have been worn by well-known dancers around the globe and has produced winning results. At Keilys Irish Dance & Gifts, we make sure that our products will arrive at our clients’ home safe. 
We provide a warranty on our products to keep our clients satisfied and put their minds at ease about that the quality of the shoe they have bought from us. We have taken the liberty to include a sturdy shoe box that protects our Fays Irish Dancing Shoe during the shipping period. Our dancing shoes have a flattened toe which provides balance and support when executing toe-stands.  Our Fays Soft Shoes also has elastic padding flexible enough to go over the front of the toes to give it an added support. The package also comes with a nice shoe polish which can be used to clean the bottom of our Fays Irish Dancing Shoe to keep them fresh and clean.