Fays Hard Shoes

Fays Hard Shoes- Handcrafted to the Highest Standards 

Fays hard shoes for Irish dance are considered the premiere shoes made part of the Irish dance traditions that generally depend on foot movements.
Usually, Fays hard shoes for Irish dance are worn in dances akin to the hornpipe, treble bait reel casting, and highs lure. Natural and authentic leather is used to make this kind of shoes. The shoes’ bottom parts tend to be highly accumulated. This kind of shoe gives music with the shoe while one is dancing. Based on Irish history and geographical location, the Irish classic dance performance differs because of the dance footwear sound. 
These kinds of shoes are perfect for an athletic person who also loves dancing. These shoes are worn by different champions in the last few years. It’s usually the first choice by any dancer who is always on her feet.  For Irish dancers, Fays hard shoes for Irish dance makes them feel lighter as the shoes they’re wearing is made of high-quality materials that are meant to give ease and comfort while jumping, running, and of course, dancing! Most of the time, people purchase cheaper alternatives but sooner, they realize that indeed, quality is far better than price. This is why Fays hard shoes for Irish dance is the brand they turn to. 
Fays hard shoes are finely made by Irish craftsmen in their personal workshops. Many dance enthusiasts promote Fays hard shoes because they just fit so well.
If you’re looking for jig shoes, Fays also has a wide selection of these shoes. These jig shoes are handcrafted and made from high-quality soft leather.
All Fays Hard Shoes come with Fays signature in-built shock protection and split sole made from suede and leather. Both give the shoes the grip and flexibility it needs. The heels and top piece are also handmade, the former from wood and the latter from nylon. It has ball bearings that jingle when the wearer dances with the shoes and the heel piece made from nylon also prevents floor damage. These shoes are flexible since they’re made from 100 percent calf leather and this material makes these shoes so flexible to be worn. Fays hard shoes are available in various sizes, even for those with feet wider in width and those who generally just have larger feet size.