Aran Cowl Neck Cable Merino Sweater

Aran Cowl Neck Cable Merino Sweater

Aran Cowl Neck Cable Merino Sweater
Item# ML117
What Customers Are Saying
This sweater has such a lovely feel. I bought it bigger on purpose to make it roomy and it's just what I wanted. The sweater hits all the marks and I expect it will become one of my favorite go-to sweaters!

Product Details

  • Crafted from the finest 100% super soft Merino wool for comfort as well as a sophisticated look fit for all seasons.
  • Designed and crafted in Ireland and supplied by Irelandís leading authentic Aran knitwear supplier acclaimed for some of the finest Irish Arans on the market.
  • Available in all colors and sizes from extra small to extra large to match your body and specific taste and appeal.
  • Irish Cable stitches a timeless representation of Aran heritage, symbolizing the ropes used for fishing symbolic for good fortunes.
  • Features natural and organic fibers that help in regulating the bodyís temperature, also allowing it to stretch and retract back to its original form.
A super soft garment, this lovely cable knit Aran sweater, will not only bring the comfort of its soft fibers on your body but also bring out a sophisticated, elegant appeal to your onlookers. Designed with the highest quality extra soft merino wool, this sweater is both soft and tough when wearing, especially during this season. This gorgeous piece will not only stand out in your closet; it will be a favorite classy sweater to wear all year round matching all your seasonal styles. Its unique Aran cable stitch pattern is hard to miss, combining contemporary style with classic taste. Supplied by Irelandís leading trader- Aran Sweater Market, this elegant piece will the perfect commemorative of ancient Aran heritage everywhere you go.

Although various Aran garments have front pockets and some having buttons, the Cable Knit Aran Sweater is a pocket-less, button-less sweater that is still symbolic of Aran heritage. Its design runs parallel with the ancient lifestyle of Aran fishermen, who wore a similar sweater design ideal for a rugged life at sea. Over the years, designers have picked up this timeless classic design, making it popular among sweater lovers both for men and women. However, the Cable Knit Aran Sweater from Aran Sweater Market is designed for the cultured classy woman on the go. The Cable knit pattern design has a deep-rooted significance in the Aran culture. While they are gorgeous patterns to marvel, to the people of the remote West coast islands of Ireland, they carry symbolic meanings. The cable knit patterns on the sweater are symbolic of the ropes used by fishermen in Ancient Aran culture. They signified a good catch, fortune at sea, and the success of the fishermenís hard work. Therefore, wearing this design doesnít only stand as a fashion statement, but as a representation of your good fortunes. In the remote Aran islands, these patterns were zealously protected, and kept within the same clan to be passed on from generation to generation, and has since become the ultimate representation of the Irish Clan heritage.

Aran sweaters have an interesting history. The Aran natives were hardworking fishermen and farmers hence their liking for wool sweaters to counter their rugged lifestyle in the farms or fishing at sea. Since the inhabitants had only two forms of sustenance, farming, and fishing, they preferred these types of clothing, with raised patterns that offered depth, as a way of providing better insulation from the cold winds that blew across the Atlantic from the west. Compared to flat sweaters, Aran sweaters are water resistant up to 30% of their weight, trap air, providing the warmth needed by the body. Patterns like the cable stitch are representative of the beauty of the island as well as their hardworking culture. The Cable Knit Aran Sweater is supplied by the Aran Sweater Market, a company founded in 1892, with deep devotion in offering quality-made Aran sweaters from the remote Aran islands of West coast Ireland. The company started as a cornerstone business in the small Aran island of Inis Mor slowing growing in popularity to be one of Irelandís leading supplier in Authentic Aran knitwear. They base their prevalence to their commitment to only offering 100% original knitwear from true Aran designers and suppliers. They have markets in the Aran islands, Dublin, Galway as well as Killarney.

The Cable Knit Aran sweater is a super soft 100% authentic Aran garment with a timeless classic fashion design fit all seasons of the year.
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